Past Recipients

* indicates the names of those initial recipients who received the awards at the 1984 meeting.

Jackson Abbott
Robert Ake
J. William Akers
John Bazuin
Ruth Beck
Edward ‘Ned’ Brinkley
Wesley Brown
Mitchell Byrd
Thelma Dalmas*
John Dalmas
Anton Decker
John Dillard
James (& Claire) W. Eike* for whom award is named
Linda Fields
Charlotte Friend
Charles Hacker
David Hughes
Enoch Johnson
Teta Kain
YuLee Larner
Larry Lynch
John Mehner
Clair Mellinger
Dorothy Mitchell*
Myriam Moore*
Bill Opengari
Jackie Parton
Richard Peake
Sue Ridd
Stephen Rottenborn
Alan Schreck
Frederic Scott*
Dot Silsby
Walter Smith
Peggy Spiegel
Sue Thrasher
Jerry Via
Robert J. Watson*
Bill Williams
Grace Wiltshire
Jo Wood

James Eike Service Award

In 1983, the Virginia Society of Ornithology Board of Directors approved the James Eike Service Award, named in honor of James Eike, a member of the Virginia Society of Ornithology from 1933 until his death in 1983. Eike’s long and faithful service, his dedication, and his enthusiasm in promoting the work of the VSO gave him a unique status in the organization. The recipient is recognized by the presentation of a silver Raven pin. The James Eike Service Award is given to recognize a VSO member for outstanding service to the Virginia Society of Ornithology. Eligibility for consideration would include service as an officer, board member, foray director, field trip leader, or other contributions to the organization.

The James Eike Service Award was initially presented at the 1984 Annual Meeting hosted by the Hampton Roads Bird Club at the Chamberlayne Hotel, Hampton.  The first pin was given to Claire Eike, in honor of her late husband for whom the award was named.

The Eike Service Award Committee is soliciting nominations for the award. Nominators should send a letter of nomination giving the rationale behind the nomination. In addition two letters of support are required. These materials should be sent to Robert Ake by February 1, 2015. The committee will review all nomination packets and make its recommendation to the VSO Board in the spring with the award itself being presented at the 2015 VSO Annual Meeting.