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2016 Piney Grove Preserve Announcement VSO Piney Grove Preserve Field Trip May 28, 2016

The VSO and Center for Conservation Biology (CCB) are jointly offering a field trip to The Nature Conservancy’s Piney Grove Preserve, site of nesting Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers. Bryan Watts from the CCB will be our leader. We are given access to this protected site through CCB’s support and the cooperation of The Nature Conservancy. In recent years we have had good views of Red-cockaded Woodpeckers, nestlings and nest sites. Read more >>

VSO Summer Field Trip Highland County, Virginia June 10-12, 2016

Join us in the beautiful, scenic mountains of western Virginia (aka “Little Switzerland”) for our summer field trip! Highland County is a hot spot among birders throughout Virginia, and we’re excited about the arrangements we’ve made for you on the weekend of June 10-12. Read more >>

Virginia Society of Ornithology comment on Black Vulture legislation SB 37

On January 26, 2016 the VSO Board and Officers sent letters Virginia Governor McAuliffe and Virginia Senate's Agriculture, Conservation, and Natural Resources Committee. Read more >>

Launch of the 2nd Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas is fast approaching!

Red-headed Woodpeckers © Brent Slaughter.jpg
Red-headed Woodpecker Adults and Juvenile. © Brent Slaughter

The launch of the 2nd Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas is fast approaching.  This spring will mark the start of a five-year effort to document all of the bird species breeding in Virginia.  The VABBA2 needs volunteers from Virginia’s birding community to hit the field and start collecting breeding data this Spring.  Please check out the VSO’s atlas pages for more information on Atlas details and upcoming events. Stay tuned for updates and link to the new VABBA2 website over the next few weeks.  

Virginia Birds archive now online

In the summer of 2004 the inaugual edition of Virginia Birds was published. It's purpose "...to highlight seasonal bird sightings, particularly those that help form a picture of the changing stauts and distribution of species thoughout the Commonwealth [of Virginia]". Volumes 1 through 11 are online now.

VSO’s Principles of Birding Ethics

In the Fall 2008 issue of the Virginia Society of Ornithology newsletter, VSO President David Spears said, “In the Federalist Papers, Hamilton and Madison wrote, 'If men were angels, no government would be necessary.' But men aren't angels, they went on to argue, and therefore we need rules to govern our behavior. What about birders? Are we all angels? Do we need rules?”

President Spears' article continued on this idea of rules for birding and defining ethical birding behavior. The Virginia Society of Ornithology recently adopted a set of principles for birding ethically. The VSO has been considering the issues related to birding ethics for the past year. These issues have been discussed at length on the VA-Bird listserv, in emails, at VSO board meetings and field trips, in the VSO newsletter and who knows where else. Birding organizations across the country and the world are considering or have enacted similar policies. Many organizations have adopted the American Birding Association's code of birding ethics. The VSO's Principles of Birding Ethics are based on this ABA code. The VSO hopes these are guidelines that birders in Virginia will support and abide by. Please share copies of the principles with your birding friends. Download VSO's Principles of Birding Ethics ...>>